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  • tick GoalEzy dashboard has a summary of all the meetings, minutes-of-meetings, pending Q&As, pending agendas, pending review items, pending tasks and relevant filters.
  • tick Organisations, groups and users get exclusive & secure GoalEzy URL.
  • tick Import google calendar events.
  • tick Set meeting with desired goals & objectives.
  • tick Assign meeting agendas to person/s.
  • tick Add pending agenda from earlier meetings.
  • tick Include an existing task to discuss in the meeting.
  • tick Add unique tags to retrieve meeting details on search.
  • tick Relevant notifications via email, in-app and mobile.
  • tick 'Voice-to-text’ option as an alternate to manual typing.
  • tick 'Voice recording and playback’ option as an alternate to manual typing.
  • tick Checklist for better meeting readiness.
  • tick Provision for additional meeting instructions.
  • tick Meeting agenda progress timer & relevant alerts.
  • tick Restart an agenda or move agenda to pending status.
  • tick Dedicated chat for every meeting and retention for later reference.
  • tick Meeting notes including 'voice-to-text’ & 'voice recording’ can be recorded in parking space for future consideration.
  • tick Push important notes for later review or send to minutes of meeting or convert notes as tasks.
  • tick Dedicated question & answer panel can be used during or after a meeting.
  • tick User can ask general questions or specific to an agenda.
  • tick Responses to questions can be accepted or rejected.
  • tick Upload & download relevant meeting files & documents.
  • tick To download attachment, a secure OTP is sent via sms to mobile and email.
  • tick Record and document the decisions taken during meeting.
  • tick Minutes-of-meeting simultaneously populates during the meeting.
  • tick Minutes-of-meeting report can be shared, emailed and downloaded as pdf.
  • tick To view minutes-of-meeting report, a secure OTP is sent via sms to mobile and email.
  • tick The data in GoalEzy is fully encrypted to maintain higher standard of security.
  • tick Search option to retrieve the details of past, present and future meetings and tasks.
  • tick At the end meeting collect meeting feedback and rating.
  • tick There is an exclusive user management for admins to invite members, assign as admin and delete users.
  • tick Schedule & assign tasks.
  • tick A task can be assigned to multiple people and can be reassigned to other team members.
  • tick Add unique tags to retrieve task details on search.
  • tick Tasks will have optional review team who can be part of conversations & decisions around the task.
  • tick There is no threshold on number of meetings, tasks and storage.

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